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ROScon2019: Follow up ToDo list

06 Nov 2019 » ros2, ROScon2019

I was fortunate enough to attend ROSCon2019 held in Macau, China this year. I learned more about ROS and the community then I have in the past X years trying to learn ROS independently out of personal interest. Amazing how many companies there were working on cutting edge technology/applications. Two questions really stuck with me. First, was a question about robotics being driven by Roboticists or Software Engineers. The second, was related to hiring, where questions were posed to the audience asking who was hiring and who was looking. The number of hands raised for hiring significantly outnumbered the hands for looking. That aside always great to put a face to a name.

Raw & unedited todo list

  1. Walk through real time demo and papers shared by Victor at Alias Robotics in his presentation.
    • Towards a distributed and real-time framework for robots: Evaluation of ROS 2.0 communications for real-time robotic applications.
    • Real-time Linux communications: an evaluation of the Linux communication stack for real-time robotic applications.
    • Time-Sensitive Networking for robotics.
  2. DRAFT: Review https://micro-ros.github.io/ and demo
  3. Review Response Time Analysis of ROS2 Processing Chains introduced by Igor at Bosch
  4. Rewatch the Keynote by Ian Sherman at Formant where among other topics discussed bringing solutions found in backend micro services into the robotics space.
  5. Reproduce the results obtained by iRobot engineers in running ROS2 on raspi. [github]
  6. DRAFT Implement some of the suggestions made at “188 ROS bugs later: Where do we go from here?” by Christopher Timperly of CMU and Andrzej Wasowski of IT University of Copenhagen to write better ROS code.
    • CI -build passing
    • use smoke test to find missing run time
    • linters ament_lint
    • cppcheck, mypy
    • use sanitizers
    • mithra: oracle learning for simulation -based testing
    • HAROS
    • phryky-units
  7. Implement the one thing Nicolo from Cruise Automation wanted audience to remember; the use of ros::TransportHints().tcpNoDelay() and rosbag record –tcpnodelay
  8. Look into Husarnet a P2P network layer for robots and IOTwith first class ROS support.
  9. Since I missed day 2, watch day 2 live streams!